Writing and publications

Here is a selection of articles I have written. For a more comprehensive listing, please see the archive.

Arabian promise
Chemistry World – managing change (subscription required)

Nanotubes: DNA using the tube
Molecules of single-stranded DNA can be moved into and out of carbon nanotubes using electric fields
Asia Materials – featured highlight

Surface chemistry: Self-healing protection
Inspired by natural surfaces, a self-healing scheme allows the exceptional water- and oil-repelling properties of a nanostructured alumina surface to be repaired after damage
Asia Materials – research highlight

A simple network of synthetic replicators can perform the logical OR operation
Allen, V. C., Robertson, C. C., Turega, S. M. & Philp, D.
Org. Lett., 12, 1920–1923 (2010)

Interview: Chemical carpentry
Watching carpentry at a young age inspired Thorri Gunnlaugsson to be a chemist and an enthusiastic cook
Highlights in Chemical Technology – Interview with Thorri Gunnlaugsson

Playing tag highlights genetic disorder
Fluorescent and electrochemical labels help scientists detect genetic disorders that can cause cancer
RIKEN Research – highlight of the month

Catalyst plays multiple roles
A new asymmetric reaction that is both specific and catalytic has been developed
RIKEN Research – highlight of the month

Education: Cuts hit chemistry
Two UK universities announced their intentions to withdraw undergraduate chemistry courses
Chemistry World – news and analysis

High stakes in the instrument market
Vikki Allen looks at the ways both global and small analytical instrument companies get a new product to the market
Chemistry World – feature (subscription required)

Soy source for green composites
Researchers in the US have developed an environmentally friendly, biodegradable material from soy flour resin and flax yarn
Chemistry World – research

A Chinese education
China’s universities have been through several periods of reform. With government investment, they are now producing internationally recognised research
Chemistry World – feature

Transfer of stereochemical information in a minimal self-replicating system
Allen, V. C., Philp, D. & Spencer, N.
Org. Lett., 3, 777–780 (2001)