I am a writer and journalist based in Cambridge in the UK. I have a BSc and PhD in chemistry (specialising in organic/bio-organic areas) and completed a year’s postdoc before starting my career in editorial as an assistant editor at the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC). I then held a number of posts, including a stint as a science correspondent on Chemistry World, before becoming the editor for the RSC’s organic portfolio of journals. I joined the society’s education department as the manager for the RSC elements of the National HE STEM Programme and the Regional Coordinators in January 2010 until October 2011.

I became a freelance journalist in 2006 and now write for a number of international publications. I have experience in writing on a wide variety of topics including chemistry, chemical biology, medicinal chemistry, materials science, molecular biology, educational programmes and pedagogy. I work as a journalist for research news articles and editorial stories, as a developmental and technical editor for scientific manuscripts, and as a consultant for scientific and educational reports and problems.